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::::  What benefits do I get if I join  :::::


  • DAILY updates!, as hard to believe as it is, HentaiMovieRealm gives you daily updates !! No matter if its Sunday or a holiday, we update all days of the year.

  • OUR ENTIRE MEMBERS CONTENT is visible to you. We are a serious site so no need for hentaimovierealm to hide what we really have to offer like most sites out there do. You have seen the "plus much more inside" phrase right? It smells like you will get ripped off with shitty content once you have paid, not with HentaiMovieRealm , SEE WHAT YOU WILL GET BEFORE YOU JOIN THE SITE.  Hence we even let you see what updates and how we update the site, that reflect how much confidence we have in the hentaimovierealm and we trust that you will notice it too.  Just click on the screenshots below for full size image and you will see our members are is the same as our preview area.


  • We have premium and fast servers for you to download all you want, of course download managers are allowed and encouraged to use. Go as fast as your internet connection allows!.
  • We offer LEGAL AND EXCLUSIVE LICENSED HENTAI MOVIES. Yes. We have legal rights to distribute online our Uncensored/English Audio/English subtitled hentai movies.
  • You will get access to the Hentaikey network and all its affiliated hentai sites. One account means access to multiple hentai sites! The best hentai sites on the net, Guaranteed!.
  • HentaiMovieRealm  is one of the top best and most popular sites in the Hentaikey network. Click on the image below for full image size please.

  • Joining this site is anonymous, nobody will know that you signed up for a hentai site, the charge will appear only as "ccbill", nothing more. Joining is absolutely secure, we use ccbill as our billing processor, which is the world leader billing processor company and uses the most secure encryption available of 256 bits to process all transactions. 
  • All this for the price of a single DVD: $29.95 USD (or $0.99/day!!!).  You wont find a better price anywhere else and that offers you the same amount of quality content we do, not mentioning finding a hentai site that offer daily updates like we do. So don't wait anymore and Join us Now!  We have a wide variety of options to choose from, you can sign up via: Credit Card   Check   Phone   Euro-card   Mail or Alternate Billing options.